Looking to attend Local REIA clubs

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Hi BP,

Need guidance to locate REIA Clubs in and around Boston areas. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



I just sent you over the a state by state list of all the Clubs in America. 

Hope it helps. 


Originally posted by @Joel Grullon :

Hi BP,

Need guidance to locate REIA Clubs in and around Boston areas. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Lots of options:

- Boston Area REIA in Medford (This Thursday)

- Black Diamond in Waltham next Tuesday (2nd meeting in Worcester tonight, normally on a Tuesday though)

- The Boston Investor meetup in Reading quarterly (Last week so no meeting for a while)

- Eastern Mass REIA in Rockland and Taunton

- NEREIA in Chelmsford, 1st Wed of the month

- South Shore REIA down by the Cape

- House Flipping School meetup in Plymouth

- Oceancity Development meetup in Saugus (Last night, 1st time I had been but it was pretty good - go just for the free food.  :) )

- NH Mastermind meetup in Nashua (tonight)

- NHREIA in Manchester

- massrealestate.net REIA in Peabody and Danvers

I'm sure that there are a bunch more that I am forgetting about or don't even know about too.

@Joel Grullon Sean is correct on the many options we have in the area. The NH masterminds meeting in Nashua, NH is a laid back meet up for like minded REI's who just want network, talk real estate, have a few beers and have a good time. @Gal Peretz put this meet up together in the recent past and it has been a great success. Look forward to seeing you around!

Joel, don't just choose the one that is closest to your home or work.  Get out to as many as you can and then focus on the ones you like the best.  REIAs, clubs, groups or meetups, whatever they may be and whatever you call them, each one is different and they don't cater only to the geography where they are located.  some are mostly newbies, some have lots of seasoned investors, some are clubs with benefits and memberships, some are free with out memberships - they run the gamut.  

@Shaun Reilly Thanks for the mention. We've had some great meetings lately, Kitchens, the money room" this month, it's also on our Calender.

@Joel Grullon Look for topics at our REIAs that pertain to what your doing. No one can go to all the meetings all the time. And we're just North of Boston, Massachusetts and of course in New England!

@Andrew Cordle @Shaun Reilly @Joshua Frahm @Ann Bellamy

Thanks for the info and advice we deeply appreciate it!!! (If I could treat you guys to dinner I would)

I started the company with my siblings. We have done rigorous leg work before launching and it's paying off. Now we have more deals than anticipated and need to broaden our network.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

@Joel Grullon I thought you looked familiar;-) See you soon, Mike 

PS If you post what you are looking for or what you'd like to do that helps. (e.g. as in signing up on a Meetup and you're looking for private money)

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