Property Management Companies - Killeen

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Hello BP,

Could anyone give any insight on reputable property management companies in the Killeen area? I know it's hard to find a company that is perfect, but is there a company that you have come across who haven't ran your properties to the ground or nickel and diming you? Please share...

Hello again @Raylor G. !

I hope I don't sound self serving, but our company does have property management as well.  As an agent, I mostly work in sales, not our property management, however we as agents do show the rentals.  I think we do PM better than at least 90% of companies in Killeen, but different companies may have different value-propositions and I would encourage you to check out more than a few other recommended PMs in the area.

Our broker is CJ Rogers and his contact info is [email protected], 512-563-4787, if you would at some point like to interview him.

Again, hopefully you can get some other recommendations to check out, because picking a good property manager is pretty darn important.

@Brian Adams

Thanks for the info. An interview is a must especially investing from out of country. My main thing is having someone who keeps that line of communication open, keeping me informed on what's going on at all times. Thanks again.

I switched to JWC about a year ago.  They are very good.  They provide both tenant and owner, a webpage portal that allows your tenant to submit work orders, 24-hours a day.  I find this feature very comforting.

My previous property manager, Cloud Realty (3-years), was very difficult to work with.  Personally, I had trust issues with the PM.  

1) Reaching them via email required multiple email to solicited a response.  After email number 3, my emails are not a friendly as the first two.  By this time, I look like the jerk! 

2) They have a "team" of folks that work for them.  After being dissapointed over the quality of work and their unreasonable price, I specifically told the PM, that I never wanted to do business with their recommended team.  A year later, something else came up at the house.  The PM dispatched someone to fix it.  When I recieved the bill a week later, the invoice had the name of the company I specifically said not to use again. 

I'm afraid I am not familiar with real start - never heard of them.  There are a LOT of property managers in the Killeen area because there are so many rentals.  Also looks like they're headquartered in Temple, an area I don't know as well.