Relocating to FL, Not set on where...

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I will likely retain the rentals I have there and begin investing down here. Pretty sure we're going to end up on the Central East Coast. It's where I would prefer to be and after spending time here, she's completely in love.

Yes I would like to give some feedback on your question. living in Florida for several years I found that hot investor areas includes Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St Pete and almost any coastal town. However with the family just be aware of some areas in Jacksonville and Orlando and even Tampa that are not family friendly, and don't have the best schools. Jacksonville is a growing City with massive investment potential however the crime rate and violence of the city must be noted. Myself I would prefer Tampa.

I did what you are doing 6 years ago.

Left Cleveland and didn't look back.

Now I live in Saint Johns and invest mostly in Jacksonville.

Best School District in all of Florida.

I wouldn't live in St Augustine. It's like living in central Orlando.

Tourist hubs are not where you want to raise a family.

 It's why Miami never crossed my mind either.

I do like the Clearwater area. And it would be my 2nd choice if I didn't choose awesome young golfable St Johns with its endless bike lanes..

@Charles A. We're in the area now and leaving today. It was our final stop before heading back to Columbus for a couple of weeks.

We drove around yesterday covering Ponte Vedra, Nease, Creekside and Bartram High-School districts. 

It seems like Nocatee would be a great place to raise a family. It also seems that the area could see some high appreciation in the next 10 years as the building in the area slows and amenities grow. That said, we also find the idea of living in a cookie-cutter subdivision not so appealing and there appears to be a lot of that in the Nocatee area.

Ponte Vedra was beautiful of course. Love the idea of being ultra coastal--within 10 minutes of the beach. 

We liked the uniqueness of Creekside and Bartram with some older housing. Just wondering if 30 minutes from the beach will seem too far. 

I agree. I think there is a tremendous opportunity investing around here and Jacksonville. Seems there is a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs as a whole, which I love. 

When my fiance and I brought our conversation about the area to a close last night, we finished with this question... Does it feel like Florida... like the tropical paradise we were interested in? And the answer is no. It strikes us as a warm version of Columbus, with bluer skies, the occasional palm tree sprinkled in, and a beach. We also noticed and preferred how much clear and warmer the water is the further South you go, with even Jupiter being substantially more clear than Satellite Beach.

So we're weighing our options of cost-of-living, opportunity, chill-vibe, quality of life, etc. In the end, we know we will settle on the East Coast and will likely land in Jupiter, Satellite Beach, Viera, or one of the four communities mentioned in St. Johns County. 

Thank you so much for the conversation. Love any additional thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for the feedback @Steven Crosby  I am completely aligned with what you're saying as it relates to family, crime, etc. 

We really liked Palm Harbor and South Sarasota. We also really like the waves and the general vibe of the East, including how dog-friendly the beaches are--something very important to us. We did love how close we could be to major sporting events and the arts on the West Coast. 

In the end... it's a REALLY tough decision.  Where we land we want to stay for at least four years to get my son through high school.

Hi @Douglas Mack - We moved to the Treasure Coast a couple of years ago, particularly in Fort Pierce.  We do love it on this side of the state and the farther south gives you more of the tropical setting.  

We have just started to look into investment properties (would have been a lot better if we did when we first moved here) and are having a hard time finding deals that make sense, at least by looking on the MLS. It sounds like we may need to broaden our search just north starting at Vero.

Message me if you have any questions or want to connect next time in town.

Exciting adventure!!

I live in DeLand, Fl, which is about halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach, and about 35 mins to the beach.  DeLand is a smaller town that recently won the "America's Mainstreet" award.  It is also home to Stetson University.  Homes are not really that high compared to some other areas of Florida.  I have good success with flips and rentals.  

Daytona Beach is a tourist town and just seems not all that friendly to new people, in my observation.

I like the Jax/St. Augustine area also and it seems to be growing.  Only thing is that Jacksonville has had I-95 road construction going on for the past 45 years or more, it seems.

Years ago, I left the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area because it grew so big and traffic was terrible.  But, the climate is nice.

I live in and love the Melbourne Area. It was my pick after traveling to 48/50 states (except Idaho and Alaska) as well as 25 trips to Canada. This area has all of the amenities of a huge city, but the relaxed, low-key vibe of a smaller country town. If I want to go to a major sporting event, I am 1-3 hours from ANYTHING, football, basketball, nascar, ncaa, etc. I also love the having the ocean and great outdoor activities nearby. It's been a great place to live for the past 8 years or so.

I have lived in South FL, SW FL and now Gainesville.  Originally from the North, as well.  Jupiter has one of the best school districts in South FL, if not the best.  Boca and Wellington are also good if not tied.  I agree that being near the coast is best and we plan to move more coastal in the near future.  No sense in being land-locked if living in FL is my opinion.  Prefer the East coast over West.  Found SW FL to not have as much youth as we would have preferred, even though the area is growing.  Have never heard anything bad about St. Augustine either.  Not a big fan of Orlando due to the traffic and Disney tourists.

The humidity this summer seems extra heavy, something to get used to but better than snow and ice that I used to deal with.  Sounds like you are doing your research so I'm sure you will land in the right place.

Quick update. We have decided on Satellite Beach and vicinity. I would like to see my son at Viera HS and she doesn't want to live in Viera. It looks like we may be able to reside in Viera, Melbourne or Rockledge and that be possible. Anyone know for sure? If we're stuck with the "home" school, we'll likely end up in Satellite Beach.

Updated almost 2 years ago

she = fiance

Congratulations @Douglas Mack!  Brevard County is an awesome location.  I just looked up Viera High, and unfortunately, they are frozen out of area applications, so at this time the only way to attend there is to live within the boundaries.  You can put the address you are interested into the search bar of this site to see what school you will atttend:

Here is the viera school boundary map:

@Douglas Mac, your interest in Sarasota is a very interesting one. When I was a supervisor at SCI Construction I spent about 8 months there while building the sewer plant addition and a Zaxby' chicken. Some of the hotter areas are in a bubble in my opinion or at the least too overvalued to invest in unless your rehabbing $500k and up homes or have a substantial amount of capital for passive (look at siesta key for example, homes there reach $5 million or higher, with condos starting in the $300k range).  If you look in the correct surrounding area however there is some great potential. The crime is the same as most small city's, good areas and bad. HOWEVER, the beaches are some of the best in the country in my experience. I wish you the best in selecting a new area with your family. Happy Investing, In Community, Steven Crosby

Hey @Douglas Mack ,

I'm in the Jacksonville, FL area and grew up in South Florida. We've been all over Florida and Satellite Beach is definitely a pretty area. Investment wise I like Jacksonville best for residential investments, Orlando for air bnb, and commercial depends on the deal. Jacksonville, Daytona and Orlando all have potential in the surrounding area. 

Awesome @Joseph Hamaoui . I appreciate the insight. 

I feel like it would really be best to nail down a niche for investing and I'm struggling with that. Seeing the transformation gives my pride a fix while buy & holds work toward my long term financial goals. I mentioned this in a topic over here:

Hi @Douglas Mack . I live 7 minutes from Satellite Beach and our district is Viera HS.  I would be more than happy to share what I know.  Let me know if you want to chat.

I completely understand what you're going through @Douglas Mack . I've narrowed my focus to buy & hold because I firmly believe that is where the long-term wealth resides. However I do have several other opportunities come strolling by every now and then and being a millennial I sometimes chase the squirrels.

I always get back to buy and hold though and I think ultimately that is the best strategy for reaching my goals.

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