Shenandoah Valley Meetup

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I am looking to organize a meetup of local folks that are in the Shenandoah Valley or somewhere in the vicinity. I am in Winchester, VA so I was looking to do something here.

I wanted to gauge the interest and if there is enough I will create an event and make it happen.



Hey Daniel -- great idea. I'm up for a meetup. Add me to the list.

@Daniel P. , this forum is fine to gauge interest, but if you decide to host a meetup, they can only be advertised in the Events & Happenings Forum .

Hi Daniel,

I would be interested.  Let me know.

Daniel, I was thinking of doing the same in the same area.  Please message me and maybe we can work together to make this happen.  Thanks !

I'm also interested, please let me know if you guys pull something together.

@Shawn Crawley Sorry I haven't had a chance to set this up yet. I was disconnected for several days and swamped with work. This on my list of items to get done this week. 

I am interested - I may not be able to attend though as I may be in PA. If I'm in town I'll be there though.

I will do my best, I coach a couple of youth basketball teams.  Thanks for organizing! 

I’m in Front Royal and would do it. I’ve got an office and conference room if you want to use it for the meeting.

I am interested.  Personally weekends and later evenings work great for me, after 7pm.  My W-2 job takes up my days sadly right now.

A Saturday meet-up sounds good. However, this weekend I can't.


I'm interested but can't be there myself.  I will tell my brother (also my business partner).  I'm sure he will be able to attend.  Just let me know what time.

Would love to be there but can’t make it this weekend

Hey guys I wasn't specifically meaning this coming weekend. I want to try and accommodate as many folks as possible. How would Saturday, December 2, 2017 work for everyone? Something mid-morning, 10:30 or so. If this works I will create the event in the appropriate place.
Thanks everyone

Like it sounds good to me.  Count me in.

I am unavailable.

To add some context to the meeting: 

This is the 1st meeting of hopefully many and the goal is to organize subsequent ones and discuss lining up presenters, locations and such. In addition, it is an opportunity to get to know some of our fellow investors.

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