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 I currently rent. Since my career and schedule are currently established, I want to spend time learning about and doing another interest of mine, real estate. I am looking to becoming an investor/holder/flipper. Right now, I am looking for someone in my area  that can guide me in the right direction. I know that I will become an asset to them soon enough as well. A couple friends of mine in my field are interested in the same thing and have the same goals that I have. With my amazing schedule (I have off 3-4 days every week), I will have the time for this. I want to learn everything from how to install flooring (I'm not afraid to work) to executing and managing deals and properties. I am a very hard working, honest person and my reputation and morals are very important to me. If there is anyone in my area with the same values as myself and potentially gain a new business partner, please contact me.

welcome to Biggerpockets! You've come to the right place for learning. There are some good networking opportunities that I'd suggest you check out.  My mentor/business partner is always scooping up rental properties and fixing them up and I'm sure would be happy to have another set of hands in exchange for some knowledge transfer. I am also mid-renovation on one of my units, not at quite the blistering pace as he is but would be happy to chat real estate with you. Shoot me a message and we can get in touch.

@John Knisely thanks for reaching out. I sent you a private message. Let me know if you didnt get it.

I just got started in buy-and-hold last year.  4 units up and running now, one in rehab, and two more closing next week.  My focus is on Delco/MontCo, specifically Norristown and the nicer outliers of Chester (Brookhaven, Eddystone).  Happy to meet up and discuss any time, including if you'd like to meet at the one that we just started rehabbing and get the details, hear about the issues, etc.

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