Antelope Valley, CA anyone?

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I haven’t invested there yet but have been looking for the past few months. Are you looking to invest in this deal yourself or are you looking to wholesale it? If you want to wholesale it, I’d be interested in hearing what the deal is.

How has your guys' journey been since the original posts? I am currently a resident in the Palmdale area purchased my primary 2 years ago and since has appreciated over 20% but I wasn't betting on it..the motive of my purchase was because I couldn't afford in LA..however since then I've become exceeedingly curious and motivated to purchase potentially a min investment property such as a duplex or SFR with potential in the antelope valley and am looking for like minded people with experience in this particular geography to pick their minds or help shine some light..look fwd to any sort of reply, thanks.

@William Levi Corcio

We have a satellite office for our brokerage up in Palmdale. I work with a large number of investors and am one myself as well.

I and my team are very family with the AV and I’d love to get some coffee or have you into our office at some point if you ever have questions about the area or want any advice!

I invest in the AV and would like to meet with other like minded investors. I love wholesalers! If you have a deal for single family or small multifamily below $300k in Lancaster or Palmdale, send me a message.