Seeking investor friendly realtor in Baltimore

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Hey everybody, my partner and I are working up to diving into our first real estate investment- either a flip and sell or a flip and hold rental in the Baltimore area. We've identified a few properties that we would like to explore a little deeper and would appreciate any realtor referrals. We're hoping to network with a realtor that knows the area and has worked with investors in the past and hopefully get started doing deals in the city. Thanks!


Hey Matt!

I can give you the contact info to my realtor, Vernon Debro, if you’d like. He’s very helpful and pretty straightforward. 

You should reach out to @Gabriel G. . He is active as a buy and hold investor and has done some flips as well

In addition to Gabe.  @Denise Uhrin and @Anil Samuel are agents here on BP that know Baltimore. Russel is your man outside of Baltimore in the MD DC area

Thanks @Keeynisha Yearwood @Russell Brazil @Ned Carey for the responses, I really appreciate it. I sent a message to Anil Samuel and hope to start taking the next steps soon!

Hey Matt - welcome to BP!

@David Holland is an active buy and hold investor with several properties in Baltimore. He's also a MD realtor and organizes a local REIA in the area. Plus, he is just an overall awesome guy - I'd highly recommend him.

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