Baltimore maintenance or handyman

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Oh honey, thats not passive income...self managing is hard. Why don't you consider hiring a property manager?? handy men are not always reliable nor available in the middle of the night. I recommend someone for you that works in both DC and Maryland and has contractors and handy men in both cities.

Yea, I know. I turned them over to property mangers and almost lost my business. Throughout my entire investing experience most I find to be incompetent or ineffective in multiple areas. Its not my field but I'm better than almost everyone I've hired. I will turn them back over one day but no time soon. It sucks up time from other aspects of investing I wish to be doing but that's life for right now.

Actually I haven't really been looking much. My contractor lives in one of my units up there so that's a resource. I haven't had anything to fix lately but when I do I would like to have more in place than just that one person.