Need Contractors ASAP - Chattanooga Tennessee

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If you’ve had a great experience with a contractor please send me all referrals. I have a cosmetic flip that needs to get underway! Property located on Chattanooga, Tennessee in the Red Bank area. Needs paint, landscaping, windows, doors, floors, some electrical. Overhaul 1700 sq ft property.

@Thomas DeMoss LUCK!! Pure luck! My property manager lives across the street from the seller. The seller inherited the property in January after his mother passed. Unfortunately he is a heroin addict and just wanted cash super fast. We settled on $39,000 cash. His parents took excellent care of it but it is a 1970's house and needs cosmetic updates. Also clean up as he and his addict friends squatted there for several months. ARV is around $170K.

@David Hildebrandt   How did you find their prices compared to your expectations? I know the assumption is that investor-grade work tends to be done much more cheaply than owner-occupant-grade work, and those sites always seems more geared to owner-occupants. 

That said, if anyone has some direct experience in Chattanooga I'd love to hear who you worked with. I'm looking for someone who can estimate scopes of work for a few properties down there. 

@David J Lepard its about negotiation at the end of the day. Based on the proposals, identify the contractor you want to work with (price not being a factor) i.e. if you feel the highest priced guy will do the best work, go after him. That helps ensure that the work will actually get completed and will be of quality. Then employ what you read in "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss to get them to the best price possible. Remember that with you they have the opportunity to do business more regularly than they do with a homeowner's one off project. Use that leverage to your advantage. Remember they paid Thumbtack to bid your job, they want work, which is exactly what you have to offer.