Good areas to invest in the Orlando area

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Does anyone know good areas to invest in in Orlando? I live in Daytona Beach and am planning on moving there to go to UCF and also invest in real estate. I hear of so much crime on the local news channel, so I’d like input from anyone that knows the area down there.
@Chai Xiong Thanks for your input. It is a long drive, which is why I want to move down there. I am already investing in a condo flip here. My plan is to take the profits off this flip, and reinvest that back into a buy and hold property. Initially, I’d like to live in it while I save up more funds to reinvest back into another property. When I am ready to reinvest, my plan is to rent the buy and hold property. Any thoughts?

My opinion right now is airbnb is lucrative right now especially in Orlando.  Find a decent size home and rent out the rooms if you like to live in it.  Or if you to just do a entire house target kissimmee area

Hi Shivam. I also own property in the UCF area. I think you're smart investing near the university since the rental market will always be strong coming from the students. If you're interested in meeting up for a coffee and expanding your network, drop me a message. There also could be an opportunity to work together.

@Shivam Kashan Hey Shivam, the best thing you can do is get a duplex or decent sized single family home and rent out the additional rooms while you are on campus. House hacking is one of the best ways to kick off an REI career! There are plenty of great areas around UCF to invest in, it will really depend on what you are willing to spend and how close you want to be to the University as the closer you get the less inventory there is. I'm a former UCF alum myself, let me know if you need any help or have questions!

@Shivam Kashan there is crime in almost every community and the news media blows much of it out of proportion. I know that there are incidents that happen out by UCF but they are usually in the lower end apartment complexes. @David Baier is right that you should try a house hack while you are at UCF as rental rates are strong in Orlando right now. 

Hey Shivam,

I live right in Orlando and I love the area! I would have to say that you should take a trip to Orlando and drive around, it is honestly the best way to see what type of area the houses you are looking at are in. Message me if you have any questions about looking for houses in Orlando. 

@Ann Park Kissimmee is adjacent to Walt Disney World which is of course a huge draw for visitors and the largest employer. However, there are a lot of STR there so do your due diligence that the market is not over saturated...I don’t know as I invest in long term rentals.
@Chai Xiong Nice! Glad to see someone making it specifically here in Kissimmee and Orlando! When you first bought your long term rental, how good was the deal? Did you put any money into it or have a HML? And if it's not too personal, how much do you make on each door after expenses average?
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@Cristian Aviles-Morales I started during the housing bubble and they are all conventional loans.  I stick with BP rules they are all above 200 bucks per door.

Nice that's my aim too as well. How are you enjoying using conventional loans mostly instead of HML or private money?

When you first started did you already have cash waiting to be put to use? 

And by chance, do you rehab on your own or do you contract out? 

Excited to be talking to someone who is local to me so sorry if I come at you like a train with my questions!