Investing in the United Kingdom

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Hey everyone,

I am an American citizen currently living and working the United Kingdom in the Cambrideshire area. I did one deal in the states last year with my dad and I am interesting in learning about how the real estate market works here in the United Kingdom. Are there any resources on this forum for investing in foreign countries or possible a local investors meetup here in the U.K.

Thank you,


Hey Josh, I have several properties in the UK.  Happy to have a conversation on investment - my wife really likes watching the tv series Homes under the Hammer - great stories.  



@Todd Wade Hi Todd, My name is Henry and I’m 16 and living in the south of England. I’m hoping to get into investing in property, aiming to buy my first property in my early 20s. As someone with multiple properties in the UK could you possibly give me some tips as to how to successfully invest in multi family properties and maybe let me know about some of the things you learnt when you began investing. Many thanks, Henry