Kissimmee/St Cloud- Handyman/Painter/Laminate Counters

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Hello All!

I am looking for recommendations for a painter (interior) & handyman in the Kissimmee/St. Cloud, FL area.  Thought I had someone but he canceled yesterday and rescheduled for early this morning, said he would get me an estimate within 30 min.  It's been a few hours and I need to get this scheduled.

I also need to get some new countertops installed- would appreciate recommendations on where I may find the best deals on laminate and installation. 

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Were you able to find anybody? Im living in the Kissimmee area right now and I'm trying to get in to the St. Cloud market. I'd be happy to help you out with any interior or exterior work. For the chance to learn. I'm not a professional but I do have some experience. I've helped with a remodel and a master bed/bath add on.