Oreia convention November 1-4

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2018 National Real Estate Summit November 1-4 in Great Wolf Lodge, Cincinnati 

Anyone else going? I just moved to columbus OH and heard about this from my local REIA (COREE).

I plan on going and once again face my fear of large social events from under a table :)

I'm not going to poo poo something I've never done.... but my bet is you'd get more out of going to the @Joe Fairless meet up the last tuesday of every month in Cincy... or your own local meetup. 

I've done a Robert Kyosaki and Dale Carnegie course/meetup....great authors, entrepreneurs, they're seminars are all garbage. 

@Richard Leyba tejada

I attended the OREIA convention last year and for the price I paid, it was definitely worth it. There will be lots of "gurus" that will try to sell their $997 courses, but they also give you lots of free information. They offer an hour and half presentation each and you can choose which ones you want to attend. There is a full day of learning on Thursday, and another half day on Sunday. Check the agenda on their website, it might still be in progress. What I liked was the chance to network and meet vendors. That itself was worth the cost of the conference for me. If you don't want to buy anything, attend sessions you are interested in plus lunch presentations and take lots of notes.

Now, if you decide on getting any of the guru courses, many of them will throw extra bonuses and stuff at the event. But there is no pressure to buy anything. 

BTW, I bought an extra ticket for my wife and she is not able to go this year, so anyone interested just PM me. I think since I bought this last year you get a goodie bag as well :-)

@jake & @melroy I really appreciate your feedback thanks a bunch 

@melroy thx for the advice I expect a lot of guru stuff for sale and some good info I will check it out myself. pm let me know if you want to carpool