Taking over Houston, one deal at a time!

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Hi all! I'm relatively new to Houston, been here about 9 mos for work. I currently have and rent my home in a suburb of Baton Rouge, La. My family currently rents a house in Kingwood where my wife and I live with our 4 kids 5 and under. I have been reading every real estate book, listening to podcasts, and learning for years while telling myself I justed don't know enough, don't have enough saved, or have too much to lose to get out on the edge and take a chance in investing. I've finally come to the point that I can say, I have more to lose by NOT investing and have wasted so much time due to fear. But, that's all changing. I have determined that, right or wrong, I'm sealing the deal on an investment before year's end. I am writing this for some help/advise/what-have-you. I need to get hooked up with some local BP members and current investors in and around the Kingwood/Atascocita/Humble-NE Houston area. I can drive further, but with my work hours - did I mention i work in La Porte:/ - it would be better to meet some local....very local, folks to jump in with. I'm not asking for free help, I'm willing to add value by means of doing leg work, office work, phone calls, what have ya, but I have a little $$ squirrelled away, about enough for a downpayment or small reno budget, and am looking to partner with an experienced investor to show me the ropes while we pursure and complete a deal together in 2018. So BP, whatcha got!?:) Thanks in advance.

Don't know how much to say to help other than my FIRST income property, a SFH, was in Kingwood. Why do I bring that up? because you're on the right path by deciding to stop waiting till you've read every book written before you pull the trigger.

I bought my kingwood place sight unseen (I still own it. And still have only seen the dang thing a few times. I own it free and clear at this point). Anyway. I bought it because a friend of a friend owns a management company in Houston. He said “buy this house. You’ll have to put down $x. We can rent it for $y. You’ll make z% on your money”  I didn’t know anything about kingwood or rental property but the numbers were the numbers. 

Later I took a swing at buying a multi that I’d manage. An 8 unit. Did it without knowing how to even fill out a lease (or where to get a blank copy). That was 11 years ago and 1200 units ago. 

Point is you don’t have to be an expert. There isn’t even much to know IMO. You’ll learn 1000x more but doing v reading (at least I did)

Best of luck man!

hello and welcome to Bigger Pockets. Sounds like you're off to a good start; setting a timed goal is key. Best of luck on finding that deal. If you have time, attend a few of the BP meetups, there are alot of investors with experience and business cards that show up.

I must say; Kingwood to La Porte.... that is a LONG daily commute.