Anyone in Louisville Kentucky?

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Hello all,

I'm knew to BP and real estate investing. I have one SFR but I'm looking to do more. Are there any groups or meetups in the Louisville area? I'd love to meet, chat and network with more experienced investors.


Lots of groups! KREIA is the largest, a new monthly meet up on MeetUp  that meets once a month. Hampton Scurlock has a luncheon on Wednesdays from 12-2. 

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We have a newbie biggerpockets meetup that was started last month the new date should be posted soon.

 Raphael and Luke's group is awesome! I started a ChooseFI Louisville Group today! 

Hi @Christopher Kelly, Welcome! As others have mentioned, there are a lot of networking events in the area and I strongly suggest attending as many as you can. I owned 13 SFR rentals before I ever attended any networking events, and the first one I went to was KREIA. It's been a little less than two years since I attended my first one, but I have learned so much from networking. I tell everyone I know, if you want to accelerate the growth of your real estate business, you need to surround yourself with people who are doing great things in real estate. Step 1 is to show up to as many networking events as you can, and Step 2 is to talk to as many people as you can while your there, and listen. Consistency is key and give it several meetings to start feeling comfortable and start learning. The most important part is to show up. Hope to see you out!