Part Time Work in Real Estate

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Hi! Thanks for your time. I am currently educating myself in real estate investing and practices. Does anyone have advice on potentially getting a part time evening and or weekend job with a RE company doing administrative or computer / internet work? Where are companies typically lacking in resources that they’d be willing to bring on a part time person?

I’m in Indianapolis. :)


Most of these paid jobs are reserved for daughter of the broker , or escrow closing compliance. The latter job often required a realtor license.   Most offices are closed and ditto for weekend. 

Suggest you get a realtor license first. Top agents often can take an assistant. Often college students. They do not like adults.


I am an agent in the Nashville area. You would be very lucky to find an even/weekend job in real estate. The statement that 95% of real estate sales are from 5% of the agent is pretty accurate. What are your goals? If you want to become an agent you will have to study subjects you will never use in real estate. If you want to learn more about real estate to be a better invester you can do this by studying properties for sale in your area. I'd also suggest attending open houses, you might meet an agent who will chat with you for a few hours.


@Charlie Shew Thanks for the reply. I'm simply wanting to get into the industry. I figure if I can get some part time work with a real estate related company then it can only benefit me. I'm planning on studying for and getting my RE license this year. So far, it's all been self educating. Thank you!