I’m currently a banker & looking to get into REI

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I would like to transition from being a banker to either wholesaling or buying and holding. Where can I find a mentor, that would be extremely helpful. I study and read a lot on the subject and do I really need to brand myself and get an LLC before diving in?


Congrats on thinking about changing the course of your life with real estate. It’s possible if you’re patient and focused. 

Finding a mentor can be a challenge if you are actively looking for one with intention. I find the best mentors in any field are found naturally. You never walk up to them and say “can you be my mentor?” It just kind of happens because you are bringing value to whatever they are already doing. The best way to find people already investing is to attend local real estate meetings (most are free) and educate yourself while rubbing shoulders with those already taking action. 

You don't need to brand yourself or get an LLC to start. I would personally vote for you to NOT spend money on those things until you have a few deals under your belt and the cash to do so.