Investors from Europe?

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I know BP is primarily focused in the US but I was wondering  if there are investors active in some European markets so we can get in touch.

We mostly invested in Hungary the last 3 years (Budapest being one of the craziest market out there) and we are investigating new markets for now, so it would be useful to get connections.


Originally posted by @Taylor L. :

@John Corey - you invest in the UK, correct?

@Ola Dantis did a deal in the UK recently as well, I believe.

USA - 35+ years

UK - 25+ years

Residential, buy and hold landlord.

 More recently, I have been investing in development and planning uplift deals in the UK using crowdfunding. So I can get involved in deals I would not want to manage directly.

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Hi,I live in the UK and I want to start investing in real estate.I'm currently renting but I'm looking to buy my first property.Is it possible to turn a home into a rental? Thanks,Andrei

If you buy a home and then want to rent it out, that is possible. Unlike the USA, you either need the current lender's consent or you need to refinance. Replacing the current loan for an owner occupant to a BTL (Buy To Let) mortgage product is the process.

Happy to address further questions.