New investor looking for meet ups in Minneapolis

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Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy Koffi. I live in Minneapolis and work for the MN Timberwolves & Lynx. I’ve always been interested in real estate investing but it has been more of a wish rather than a goal with a clear plan of attack.

The last few months I've been educating myself about real estate investing and have created a strategic plan for buying my first property within a year. (The Bigger Pockets Podcast, and lots of books have been my teachers.)

I’m a big believer in the power of networking so I’d love to attend local meet ups, events, and/or grab coffee with local investors to build relationships and expand my knowledge of the industry.

I plan on house hacking a multi family to get started so if anyone has any helpful tips, or cautions for a first time investor using this approach that’d be helpful too.


@Jeremy Koffi Jordan and Tim are great; they've both been really helpful for me.  John is also a wealth of real estate and tax knowledge. I'd be open to share what's worked for me as well; feel free to reach out.

I just joined the MREE (Minnesota Real Estate Exchangers). It's a good group with people who are very active. I have 34 units and feel like I am one of the smaller investors in the room. They meet twice per month in Bloomington. 

@Jeremy Koffi

Check out MnReia. Really get to know your local network. Set up coffee meetings with people you’d like to learn from.

I'm from WI and have really benefited from my membership with Madison REIA. I also attend my local BiggerPockets meetup.

Hi Jeremy! I would recommend getting in contact with Fulton Realty, they are a team I work with frequently and do a great job. I'd love to get together for coffee as well, you can never have too many connections.You're hammered with replies but let's try and get something on the calendar!

@Jeremy Koffi - Welcome to BP. I think you've got it right, networking gives you people to bounce your deals off of, get advice and potentially find deals from. I would suggest going to a few meetups around the cities and finding people with similar interests. I'm always interested in meeting up with fellow investors so feel free to DM me if you're interested.