Any BP members in Twin Cities?

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Hi. I would love to meet up with some fellow BP members in the Twin Cities areas! I am very new to this and would love to hear from some more seasoned investors about their journey. Thank you!

@Dirk J Mc Kenzie Hi Dirk! As those guys mentioned above there are some great local meetups. Let me know if you want to chat real estate over coffee sometime too!

@Tim Swierczek - I'd love to meet for coffee.  I travel this upcoming week, but the first week in October I am pretty open.  As far what is hanging me up - my dang website!  Right or wrong, I feel if I start marketing for deals - I need a website.  But, then I get paralysis by analysis and then I never take the first steps.  :)  What time of day works for you?

@Dirk J Mc Kenzie Yeah. We should do that.  We could meet somewhere in Savage.  Grab a beer (or soda if you don't drink!).  Savage would be a good middle ground - maybe Buffalo Wild Wings on 42. I am traveling this week, but I am pretty open the week of Sept 30.  Let me know. PM me and we can set it.

@Jay Schultz I grew portfolio of 10 buildings with 20 units worth more than 3 million with no website. You do no need a website. It sounds like you are over complicating it. I’d say you need a guide or a mentor. 

@Tim Swierczek - Wow. That is awesome! I tend to over-complicate stuff! I do need a mentor - I am sure most people starting out would love one! But, I have been pouring over MLS listings and just can't seem to find a property that is a "good" buy. The two I have now are OK...

I used to live down that area (South of the River) and started my real estate investing "career" in 2010 by buying single family houses in Prior Lake, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Rosemount lol. Now I'm 98% in Minneapolis.