Jacksonville NC Rental Market

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First post... Hope this is in the right place. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I'm a Central Florida resident & aspiring real estate investor, but I was born in & have family still in Jacksonville, NC. I know it's always been a small, rural Marine town, but they have been building up over the years.

I decided to look to see if it would be worth investing in the area, and the numbers look amazing in the outset. However, I have no idea what the demand for rentals is in the area. Can anyone tell me if rentals are staying vacant for long in Jacksonville & Onslow County? If we did purchase properties there, could we expect to find renters relatively easily? Thanks!

Toney A. Sharpe, Jr.

@Toney Sharpe Jr . I have owned a SFR in Jacksonville, NC for over 10 years as a rental. It has been the worst investment in all of my real estate career. No appreciation, high vacancy rate, low rent. I tried to sell that property twice and no demand. Once I get rid of that property, I will never ever purchase real estate in Jacksonville.