Real Estate Investment Club St. Joseph MO

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I am tossing around the idea of starting a real estate investment group / meet up in my area. I am trying to gauge interest and get tips on how to go about doing this. Has anyone else started their own local real estate investment club and can you provide any advice/tips?

Also if anyone in my area is interested either in helping get this started or being a part of this please let me know!

@Ehsan Rishat we do not have one that I am aware of in Saint Joseph. I have attended one in KC but thought Saint Joseph could benefit from having their own.

Hi @Lindsay Zane!  We have a Facebook group and were just getting started pre corona virus.  I am looking to have another meeting soon.  Not sure if it is going to be virtual or in person but if you would like to join the group let me know.  It’s under St. Joseph Real Estate Investing Meetup on Facebook.

Hello Olga, that’s great that you are wanting to invest in St. Joseph!  I am happy to add you to our group on Facebook.  Unfortunately since COVID hit we haven’t been meeting but it is a great place to connect with other investors, agents, etc.. Also it’s a great resource for people to get info on contractors or ask any questions you may have!  I am happy to add you if you are interested.  Just let me know!

I've been looking in St. Joseph also. I'd be interested in being a part of this group if possible. I used to live in Kansas City/Overland Park. Now I live in Chula Vista, CA. When I lived there I loved going on road trips up that way. Love it there.

Absolutely!  We were just getting started when COVID came and kind of put it on hold but I am looking forward to meeting again!  Please feel free to post questions, info, etc!  

There are all different kinds of people in the group from investors to wholesalers to loan officers so I hope you will find it beneficial!  Also check out the book recommendations, they are truly life changing.  If you don’t like to read (like me) audible is fantastic!

@Kim Tucker yes I did! Sorry for the delayed response. We have a good amount of people on Facebook. I am trying to keep the momentum going through Zoom meetings! The Facebook group itself has been a good resource.

Hi Olga!  We have a real estate meetup in Saint Joseph and we have been trying to have virtual meetings monthly.  The group is called Saint Joseph Real Estate Investing Meetup on Facebook and I would be happy to add you!

I think I’m in the group I just didn’t know you guys were meeting. I wonder how I can get notifications from the group. I’ll look into it so I stay on top of things. Thank you!