Phoenix Area BP Meetup 9/11 630pm

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Kind of a short reminder but this coming Tuesday will be our 2nd meetup for BP members. The first couple of ones will slightly awkward while we figure out the direction, ongoing logistics etc.. I'm hoping we can get some really good discussions going on specific marketing, resources to share among each other etc...

Bring your ideas

We did nail down our preferred ongoing meetup schedule though. Second Tuesday of each month at 630pm at my brokers office which is 950 W. Elliot Rd #101. Tempe, AZ 85284

This allows those of us who would still like to attend the AZREIA monthly meetings to do so. For those who didn't make it last time, our official BP meetup rules are exactly as they are here on the site. Kind, generous and willing to share and help others is required. There will be no upsells of any programs, nothing to buy at the back of the room etc... We are BP Nation and will represent that among each other as we do here on the site.

Hope to see you all there! I can't post my phone number but my email is in my signature, send me an email and I'll respond with my phone number for any of you who don't have it but might need it if you get lost, we have issues with the gate again etc...(sorry @Jessica B. about that last time)

Originally posted by Justin S.:
I will be there as well.

Maybe I can get me a binsr, just saying :)

that's good though, I wanted to chat at ya about some photography.

Originally posted by Rich Weese:
Hi Nick-any food? I'll see you in Nov. Should I bring treats? Rich

Just the honor of being in the same room as you good sir is a treat!

Now, that I'm done brown nosing :) I don't think we've talked about food. It is an option though, maybe we can implement that into our meetups. Considering it is around dinner time. Great idea!

I'll be ready! I'm dieting again after gaining TWENTY pounds during recent 2 month RV trip. I love that brown nosing-keep it up!! (really, not necessary). Rich

I know I'm a bit late, but it was great meeting those of you that showed up for the meetup. Hopefully we get more attendees when Nick sets up the next one. Either way it was great meeting new faces, and same as before Justin, and Nick were friendly and informative.

Thanks L Gale!!! I'm glad you're becoming a core member. I enjoy your company.

Hopefully, our group becomes a well oiled machine cranking out great information relevant to our local market, connections, deals etc... From what I hear the Denver guys have had some great meetups so we need to get our act together sooner than later.

I'm hoping we can get an agenda set up similar to the big guys in town(AZREIA) without the sales pitching of course!

Yup, 2nd Tuesday of every month. I was thinking we can keep it short and sweet this week. @Justin S. had mentioned previously that we should set up some sort of training/teaching topics. He offered to help teach a few things that's he really good at. Hopefully, we can get some of those ideas floating around.

I have no idea how many is coming. I suspect at minimum, yourself, Levi and me. I think tonight we should discuss what topics we'd like to bring up over the next 2 or 3 meetups. This way, we can at least prepare better.

Hi all,

New to the group and will defer to you regarding meeting when more are available. I myself have entered into my Calender and plan to attend as many of these meetings as available.

Maybe we can shoot for a head count a week or so before the next meeting?

Originally posted by Bert Porell:

Maybe we can shoot for a head count a week or so before the next meeting?

No real need for a head count but I appreciate the input. There will be times where we have a lot of BP'ers show up, others, it might just be me who shows but nevertheless, it will always be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This way, it rids the chore of counting heads and any disappointment that might follow along with not enough people showing up.