Pennsylvania real estate laws

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I am the Co owner and Co founder of Kings of Ambition LLC which is the new real estate investing company based in Pennsylvania

so I wanted to know if anyone had any links to any Pennsylvania real estate laws?

@Gabriel March

Just some practical advice here to save your reputation and maybe your business. You called your LLC "Kings of Ambition". Ambition means a desire to do something. Show the tiniest of effort here and try googling "PA real estate laws" or something like that yourself before you post to show what you have already done. Your post shows no effort at all, but that may be just an omission in your post. I don't intend to be mean, just setting the expectation that *you* are the one who needs to be doing something in your business. Don't expect strangers on the internet to serve up everything you need for you. We are happy to help those who are trying to do something. A post like this will always garner a "Google it!" response.

I am guessing you are brand new to real estate.  My recommendation is to read a little of the laws, but spend more time getting to know the practical matters of real estate.  Reading the laws is like reading the encyclopedia - you do it when you need to, but usually don't start on page 1 and go through 10,000.  Try going to meet-ups, scout properties and maybe partner with someone.

It will be far more valuable to read BP each day than reading the laws cover-to-cover.  BP is searchable for topics of interest.


This is generally research that is done before you "co own and co found" a company. Due diligence please. I would take 5 steps back if I were you. Real Estate is something that if you make a mistake in, it will cost you, a lot. You have all the time in the world, be patient and do not dive into something until you are ready.

@James Mc Ree to further understand me I'm looking to invest all across Pennsylvania so I want to know and I do know how some counties operate but I want to know how every County operates and I want to know how the state operates and full all I was asking for was help cause what I plan on doing is a big task.

@Gabriel March

You are setting yourself up perfectly for "analysis by paralysis."  You posted that you want to invest all across PA and understand all of the laws in each county and state laws.  That is mentally impossible, IMHO.  There are 67 counties in PA.  That means 68 sets of laws when you include the state.  Fortunately, counties don't impact you too much in PA with real estate laws.  Townships, boroughs and other municipalities do impact you!  Each county has many municipalities which massively multiplies your self-imposed learning task.

Pick one county or two and a few municipalities, ideally where you live to get started.  Learn about the regulations there and don't worry about the multitudes of others.  You will find that all areas have very similar regulations and differ largely in the details.  For example, some municipalities differ on which edition of the building code they adopted, have different U&O inspection criteria and charge various fees.  The biggest impacts you are likely to experience by varying areas are taxes and some are much harder to work in than others due to how the regulations are enforced (ie. think fees, inspection time, indifference, incompetence, etc in local government).  You won't read that in regulations, but can learn about it networking with other investors.

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