DENVER BP Meetup 10/22

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On my calendar. Not 100% sure I can make it, because I am waitlisted for another event. But I am guessing that I will probably see you at Hacienda.

I wish I would have seen this yesterday or last week. I'm new here (first post) and to the investor world and I would love to make the next one to meet some people actually in the industry. Everywhere I get my info from says to surround myself with other investors in my area. Count me in for the next one if you don't mind a newbie picking your brains.

I was stuck at work and couldn't make it. When is the next one? I know the holiday might complicate it for some people, however it would be nice to pencil it in so I can try to make this one.

I made it 11/26 and stayed until about 6:30p.
It is too bad, but it is an odd time of year.
I would like to go in December, if it works out. If not, let's look to Jan. 2013.