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Anyone from Tennessee.. I am new to the business. I have done a couple flips, but I am interested in getting in to the rental business. I live in Hendersonville but look at property all over the mid state.

Hi Craig, I live in Memphis and currently accumulating a large rental portfolio, while selling turnkey properties at the same time. Although not in West TN, you should consider investing here. Right now properties are dirty cheap. Depending on what type of property you are looking for you can find turnkey deals at $30,000 that rent for $600 - $650 or if you prefer a little higher end rent, you can find turnkey properties for $55,000 - $59,000 that rent for $900 - $975. Our last 2 deals were both $55,000 turnkey that rented for $1038 and $950. While harder to find, we have done 2 flips under $105,000. Currently sitting on a a $260,000 flip, the higher end market seems to be slow down here. Hope this helps and would be glad to help you.