Anchorage investors, 

My name is Landon. I'm in the Army and am commissioning in a couple of weeks. After some training this summer, I'll be moving up to Anchorage for my first duty station as an active duty officer. I fully intend to invest throughout my military career and am looking forward to living in Anchorage! I know networking is often the most valuable thing you can do, so if you are an investor in Anchorage, please reach out! Feel free to comment with hello's, suggestions, and anything else someone moving up to Alaska should know! 

I am originally from Utah and am used to a hot/competitive market. I was going to get something here in Utah before moving out of state, but it's just been too crazy for me to compete with as a first-time home buyer. I plan to house-hack a 2-4 unit multifamily as my first property, and by the looks of it, there's a lot of multifamily in Anchorage. There seems to be a lot of 4-plex's, but I'm sure some areas are better than others.

I would greatly appreciate any info/tips/tricks/suggestions/connections you have for me regarding Anchorage, JBER, and the surrounding area. Thanks all!