What would you do with 30K

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Hey all! l'm very interested to hear what some experienced investors would do starting out in this scenario. What would you do with 30K?

Type of property and why

With a partner or not

How would you find it

Actions to get to procure it

Actions to get it to cash flow/ or turn profit

Grateful for the help!

Josh Ross

In Louisville you could do a flip or a buy and hold. In just about every town there are investor friendly banks that will do asset based lending. They still pull credit etc. but they don't follow FNMA underwriting. There are places here where you can be all-in for $40k and have a place ready to rent for around $800/mo. It's tougher to flip a property in these areas but they would sell for $60's to $70k fixed-up. I'd do the flip and try to build up more cash.