Wholesaling with Realtor Involved

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To be frank, I am not cut out for whoelsaling, but admire the strategy to locate a deal. My business model is high quality rehab/resale SFH's. Does it make any sense to assume the responsibility of marketing to motivated sellers and then throwing my realtor a bone by letter her represent both sides of the deal...I would then finance the property and rehab/resale. Any thoughts or alternative approaches...

I might be confused as to specifically what you are asking, but it seems to me like it may benefit you to track down and negotiate deals the way you normally do, and on the deals that you don't want to rehab, call in your realtor to pitch it to his/her investors. If you assess the deal properly, which it seems you know how to do, just double close it. That way you don't have to mess with the back and forth of showing the house while its still under contract and the seller may still live there. Youll pay a little more in closing costs, but will be able to control the deal the whole way through.

I do like the double closing option. I guess what I am getting at is that I want to purchase the house myself...and rather than complete the initial contractual/title processes, allow my realtor to be the middleman...I would plan on financing the deal (likely portfolio loan...or 3/1 ARM or something similar).

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I mean if its worth it to you, then go for it. Personally I wouldn't be willing to pay someone to handle that stuff for me, mostly because youll still need to be the one doing most of the work/ making decisions, the agent will sort of just be copied on the emails... I am licensed and represent myself, so maybe that factors in to my opinion