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Hello everyone, it's been awhile for me. I am again looking into RE investing. A couple of years ago there was a link to a nice analysis tool, but I can't seem to locate it now. It would be able to generate multiple types of analysis including graphs. At one time there was a direct link from BP, but no longer.

Does anyone know how to find it?


@Scott Weaner  , I wasn't on the site a couple of years ago, so I can't comment about what you had seen then.  If you get an upgraded membership, there are calculators on BP under the "Analyze" tab of the blue navigation bar.

Otherwise, a quick google search for "real estate investment calculator" gives a ton of options:

There are two.

Thanks. I did find several, but none were quite as good as the one that was on the site in the past. I have not tried the one presently available here yet.

The investfourmore calculator is mine.  What are you primarily looking for?  Cash flow or returns?

Are you looking for evaluation analysis tools? 

I paid for a evaluator App from apple store. I didn't post the name because I didn't compare it with other similar apps, so not sure if it is the best one. But I guess most of the tools are similar.

Basically you can set up a database of potential properties you are evaluating.

For each property, based on your input (address, target price, closing cost, initial repair and improvement, expected rent, estimated expenses in categories, mortgage, and some other assumptions like value appreciation and rent increase over time), the software will generate analysis result and property report for a series of years. Common measures provided are cap rate, cash on cash return, IRR, return on equity, etc.

The good thing about mobile app is you can bring it when you go out and check out properties and evaluate on site.

I am using it to compare potential properties and it works pretty well for me.

Thanks for the input. I am looking for cash flow primarily. Does anyone remember the tool that was available here? I guess not. The other tools do accomplish essentially the same thing, but the one I was looking for seemed a bit more elegant in the way it could present the data.

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