School district maps?

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Any suggestions on where to find school district maps?

Websites, etc?

Thanks, Chris

Just found this after searching Washington school district maps on google images. Hopefuly this is the level of detail you are looking for.

I prospect for school districts for my day job so I have a big map of all the school districts in north Texas and Oklahoma on my wall.

If you are looking for what schools houses are zoned for you would have to go to the individual school district site.  I always find the maps there! is a good source to find schools! They usually have a link directly to the school or district.

@Joseph Weisenbloom  

This is great, thanks. You would not happen to have the same info for Ohio schools would you? That is where I am buying. Specifically the greater Columbus area.

@Mary lou L.  

Thank you for the suggested link. I have used It is a very good resource.

I think you'll find this link useful for finding Columbus school district maps. It's fairly reliable on finding the correct schools within each district as well. Always best to double check though.

Hope this helps,

@Chris Stromdahl  - are you looking for school districts, or individual schools within the school districts? If you are looking at specific properties, the Auditor's site lists the school district for every property. If you are looking for a breakdown by school building, that's trickier. If you are looking in Columbus public schools, the specific school will matter. There is a huge disparity between school quality. 

If you are looking for a list of good school districts in Central Ohio, Columbus public is by far considered the worst. 

Originally posted by @Chris Stromdahl:

Any suggestions on where to find school district maps?

Websites, etc?

Thanks, Chris

You can often find them on the local school district website. However, if you want a one stop shop, the place to go is

Under whatever city, croll down or search for "See full list of schools" and there will be a link you can press that will go to a page like this one (for Kansas City):

That should be all you need.

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