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Hello BP, 

I previously just used my county website, but I recently purchased access to's "Investor Suite". I was hoping to share thoughts and/or any Tips or Tricks with those of you that utilize this CRSdata. 

I'll share my thoughts and would love to hear anyone else's. 

1) Primary Use: 

Obtaining owner's information and pulling comps. 

2) Impressions/User Experience: 

I've used the service for 3 months now and have had good results. The leads I obtain driving for dollars I flip in CRS and then mail a letter or postcard to the owner's address listed. I recently pulled a friends address that purchased a home in Feb this year and he was listed as the owner, but as an absentee with his old address listed as his mailing address. This has now caused me to begin questioning the accuracy of the data. Perhaps it just takes a while for this information to be updated?

3) TIps/Tricks

This is pretty obvious, but I wasn't aware that you could do searches for absentee owners and create mail lists until recently. This is a pretty cool feature. I wonder how the lists generated on CRS would compare to a list that you purchase from ListSource, etc?

Anyone's thoughts on a different resource that's better than would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I'm just trying to determine if $80/month for this service is a decent/good/bad value. 



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Anyone use CRSdata? 


I'm thinking of subscribing--- and like yourself in this blog, seeking input.    Are you still using it?


Originally posted by @Janet Joyce:


I'm thinking of subscribing to CRS--- and like yourself in this blog, seeking input. Are you still using it?


I just subscribed to, and I'm wondering how accurate the comps are?  I noticed it gives you 3 pricing methods:  average cost per square foot, house price index, or average sales price/tax appraisal ratio.  Anyone have any good feedback on the accuracy of these figures?

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