Should I Help The Seller Sell, Or Purchase A Couple of His Properties?

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Hi BP,

I have recently become involved with a Seller, who has over 15, Section 8 occupied rehabbed properties, and the Seller is tired of paying taxes, water, etc., and wants to get rid of the properties. Now, I have been trying to find buyers, but I can't make the investors understand that the best way to motivate this seller, is to try to buy 2 or more properties! What, am I doing wrong?

Get your guy to sell them to you with seller financing, he gets cash flow, no headaches, you get cash flow, (and headaches) but you have a gold mine in front of you.

Send us the list of properties then give me a call & I'll be able to either tell you what you're doing wrong or we'll make you an offer.

I don't know what you are trying to do so I don't know if you are doing anything wrong.  You say that you are a real estate investor.  Are these properties that you are not interested in?  Are you a realtor trying to get a listing?

If you are not interested and other investors are not interested it sounds like the prices are too high.  Without more information it not possible to give possible solutions.

Good Luck.


You guys,

I'm not really interested in purchasing anything. Whenever he sells, and closes on any property, I'll get a cut for the referral. I just told him that an investor was interested in 2 townhouses, a 3 unit, and a 2 unit. Immediately, he asked when did they want to view the properties! He is motivated.

If anyone is interested, email me at [email protected]

Here is how you do it. put a fat bonus for agents who sell two or three or more properties as a package, and make sure you do not post that info on the Remark Section of the MLS that everyone sees it. Put it on the Agent private remark section.

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