help cold calling tips to prospective property owners

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looking for tips or some sort of script to use when cold calling property owners in regards to express interest in their properties.  Help appreciated. 

Brooks, this never is easy. My biggest tip to you is to speak slow, tell sellers what you do and how you came across they're number, and just let them know you are purchasing homes in their area and essentially introduce yourself. I find that this gets the initial cold call jitters, on both ends of the phone, out of the way and usually leads to call backs. Chances are pretty small that someone is ready to sell right then and there on the phone, it takes a couple of days, weeks, months to think about. BUT, they'll know who to call. Check out the book "Pitch Anything", it helped me with thought process when speaking to strangers out of the blue, it gives you a few "frames" of reference and directions to take conversations.

Thanks Collin for the reply and the book reference I will check it out. Thanks 

Never, ever, tell them that you know they are having financial problems or are approaching foreclosure. They know it. They are embarrassed by it and having a stranger say that they know it to only adds to their pain. Approach it as a business transaction, not "I'm here to do you a favor/help you out."

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