Pros and Cons of Wholesaling

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Can someone tell me the pros and cons of wholesaling?  Is it quicker money in compared to fixing and flipping?  Just looking to making smart decisions on where to start business wise....

@Mia Brewington  First off, welcome to BP! I've never done wholesaling, but it would depend on the area, etc. Each area has different time frames it takes to get through planning and permits for fix and flips (if permits are needed) therefore; there's no set timeframe. Wholesaling is tying up the property, and reselling. It seems it would be faster. But, the question is, which has more opportunity in the area? 

On another note, you might want to upload a picture to your profile. If you don't want your picture, upload another of something in your area, hobby, etc., as long as it's not copyrighted. It makes your posts look more professional. 

I'd also suggest participating in the forums, ask questions of others in your area (set up keyword alerts), check Events and Happenings forum for meetups of other BP members in your area, etc. Have fun! 


  • no money out of pocket for the property "i'm not including advertising"
  • quick turnaround
  • fast pace if you're doing it right
  • flexible time 


  • You're always on the hussell. 
  • Everyone thinks you're making a killing (some time you are but most the time you're making just a few grand)
  • lots of ups and down an emotional rollercoaster often changes in an hr or 3. 

This is the short list when i think of more i will post them. 

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