Facing a realtor in Sub 2 deal?

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Have a potential Sub 2 deal but the house is listed with a realtor. My concern is the agent would try and convince the seller not to agree because it's obviously not a typical transaction where money is necessarily put on the table. I'm considering asking the seller to take if off market first. Just curious if anyone had dealt with this? Thanks.

I'm an agent so take this for what it's worth but I'd take a dim view of any buyer trying to talk directly to my seller. The seller has a contract in place for the Realtor to speak on their behalf and all dealings should go through them. Even if you did somehow talk the seller into going off the market they are still liable for the terms of the contract and the compensation to the listing agent.

Not a good way to make friends in your market.

Realtors are your friend and they offer a great service. You can do better learning to cooperate and network with them.

Opportunities are like buses one goes the other one comes.

Can you put at least 4% cash in addition to your normal closing costs into the deal?  The realtor should get paid and it sounds like there isn't any equity from the seller to do so.  With 4% you would be doing dual representation, so I would additionally get a lawyer to provide a review of the paper work.  Or it may be cheaper/easier to pay 6% and have a buyers agent(maybe they would do it for 2%).

What is the asking price and what is the loan balance?

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