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Hi All,

I've been working on developing my own apartment building deal analyzer in excel. I have a standard version of a single family analyzer I've been using for some time; but nothing specific to apartment buildings. I figured it was worth a shot to see if someone is willing to send me their apartment building deal analyzer in excel format? I've read through the beginners guide on analyzing deals, however it would be really helpful if someone could send me theirs as a guide. I really appreciate the help!



I can send you the one that I use.

Email incoming.

I would be very thankful if you can email one to me as well. Thanks!

@Sumeet Rahal  

Are you looking at properties in Canada or the U.S.A.?

It will make a difference in your analysis as there are several differences w/r to finance and taxation.

There are plenty of analyzing spreadsheets under the 'Resources' tab > Fileplace......

james im in upstate ny and am currently working on a 20 unit. would you mind sending me one also thanks

@James Klafehn  im in upstate ny currently looking into a 20 unit. could you send me a copy also thanks

Id need email address to send it to.

@Roy N.  I'm looking at properties in Canada. That's a great point, and your right. I haven't incorporated the tax effects (i.e. CCA deductions, corp taxes, etc). Can you highlight some of the key differences so I can make sure I incorporate them in my spreadsheet.


Hey @Sumeet Rahal  

You will want to talk with people that have purchased those types of properties here in Canada...To see what they are using and doing. I'm having a meetup this Thursday and two of the speakers both own smaller apartment buildings. They are coming to speak on raising capital from Joint Venture partners and how to take action... 

PM me for details of the meeting... All the best. 

I know this thread is quite old but I'm looking at getting into apartments and would love to get access to this analysis spreadsheet if possible. Thanks for your help.


I purchased Landlords Cash Flow Analyzer Pro a while back and just started using it in depth on apartment buildings I am looking at. Its all excel based with macros and really well done. I'm a little lazy and didn't feel like or have the time to hammer out my own. It was created by a investor/CPA and gets into the the details that you would typically not think about like cash on cash before and after taxes, modified internal rate of return etc. It also has many features such goal seeking (what you should pay based on your goal), the ability to create a report, partner features, and lots of other stuff. It shed some light on properties I already had that I plugged in there. Unfortunately it gives you the brutal honesty for the hings you never think about and it may change your perspective on a property. 

@James Klafehn I'm looking into 16-20 unit deals in CA. Can you send me the spreadsheet you use?  

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@James Klafehn Hi James-if you are still sending out the spreadsheet would you please send me a copy...I'm analyzing some properties in New Mexico-thanks!  


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If anyone has the spreadsheet that could send it to me. 



I'm just getting into the Apartment Investing scene also. I've been trying to analyze deals using Rod Khleif's quick analyzing video. It's very helpful, but not in depth enough. Could I get a copy of the deal analyzer spreadsheet also?


I'd love to get a spreadsheet too. Thank you.


I would also like one too. If still available...medmondsii gmail

Me too please!

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