Best analysis tool?

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Hello All!

I have been looking at different places to invest.

I am looking for advice on the best tool to use to help with appreciation, job growth, etc that would help me.

I have looked at a few tools, like zillow, trulia (to look at sold properties) but I was looking for more historical data on appreciation.

Any advice would be appreciated!


The best analysis tool?  Your knowledge of numbers, and the market...and a financial calculator.  If you rely on any spreadsheets or software to make decisions for you, you are probably making a lot of wrong decisions...but you don't know it.

Those "tools" are just that. Tools. They help you compile information and do the complex math for you. Analysis is best done by you...the REI.

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@Ilona Kovacs  

       The US Census Bureau is a great place to start. Their website at first seems very complicated, but don't give up! it is well worth it to be knowledgeable about census forecasts  (I believe it has helped me to save $$$$ in appreciation! I generally look for 1-1.5% continues population growth for at least the past 10 years. They also have some forecasting data(estimates) for next 5 or 10 years, and they seems to be accurate at least for our investment areas!

    Once you had find an area with a healthy population growth you need to cross check that with to find the  "gems in the rough" (stable areas with low % of violent crimes.) and now you have some areas to "farm" That is where the real work just begins with foot on the ground driving by, knock on door etc.......

Sok Szerencset Kivanok!

@Ilona Kovacs  

 ESRI Business Analysis Data (use the's free)

CoreLogic $12 reports

Urban Land Institute and PwC Annual Trends Report

Each local Real Estate Agent can also provide you with a Market Summary Report which, when used with Core Economic Data, can provide you a good baseline to work with.

Kudos to you to want to know the Macro and Micro Economics of certain Markets as opposed to the usual spreadsheet number only review...reflects the caliber of investor you are./

Happy Investing!