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Hello BP!  I'm a new investor in Michigan.  I'm focused on wholesaling right now and decided to do some "driving for dollars" today in Wayne County.  I found some great looking stuff (well great looking distressed houses) and when I tried look up the houses on the tax assessor's website, I found that I had to pay $2 per record to get the detailed info.  If I only found a few houses that wouldn't be a big deal but have 60 to check out.  Since I want to make driving for dollars a regular activity, I'm curious to know if anyone knows of alternative way to get to public records so I can find out who owns these houses?



Welcome to BP @Patrick Bellard  

It's nice to meet a fellow Michigander on this site. I sympathize with your predicament. Getting public records from public databases in MI can be painful and expensive in a nickle and dime sort of way. I seem to recall the record search in Genesee county to be especially hideously if I'm not mistaken.

Your best bet would be to go get a Real Quest Gold account. It can be had here: http://www.realquest.com/ for about $80/month as I recall. That may sound like a bit much (because it kind of is) but realize that that it pays for itself if you do more than about 40 property searches per month.

It works well for pulling up property records and simple owner and mailing address look-up. It's well trusted and can give you fairly good comps too, a lot of Appraisers swear by it.

Good luck.

no,  just go to the assessor office or call them.  both ways are free. 

@Patrick Bellard  

Give this a shot it may help you.

I'm not the originator of this tip. I found this right here on BP.

Visit USA.COM now do a search for the town you are in.

On the page that pops up there are blue tabs Basic info / population / education........ Click on the "OTHER" tab to the left this will activate a drop down menu.

Click on streets.

Now choose the street your on

Now see if the house number comes up. If so click on that.

This will give you the owners phone number. 

@Neil Schoepp  

  Wow is that powerful for D4D.  Great tip.  Thanks!

@Neal Schoepp

Thanks for the tip!

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