Getting outbid? *HILARIOUS* Post-Apocalyptic Chic Pad - A Sweet Deal in a Hot Area w/ pic!

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"...this post-apocalyptic chic space {in the heart of Oakland's hipster mecca Temescal} has a lot of incredible natural light!"

.."Chances are you'll have to overbid. "

I like to browse Craigslist for any sweet deals, and ran across this one.. I did NOT post this on CL, but thought it was hilarious, so wanted to share with my BP brethren and some Bay Area folks in Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco. I'm sure you could swap in Brooklyn, Austin, or many more cities in on this one..

Full text if the link is removed:

This property in the heart of Oakland's hipster mecca Temescal has a lot of potential! Location, location, location!

With a little imagination, this could make a great starter home for a young family. Or it would be perfect for an investor who sees the incredible potential of just slapping a coat of paint on this place and renting it to some hipsters willing to overpay for a home that's walking distance from Pizzaiolo.

Plus this post-apocalyptic chic space has a lot of incredible natural light!

This property is sure to go fast and is sold as-is. Great investment potential. There will be two open houses, then we'll be hearing offers. Chances are you'll have to overbid. We recommend setting yourself apart from the competition by offering your first born.

@@Arlen Chou , I thought you'd especially appreciate this one, but @Johnson H.

, @David C. , and everyone else being outbid by insane buyers, enjoy!


Why did you have my name in the same line with insane buyers? You have to realize that the value is in the land. They don't make anymore land in Oakland, but they do make more bullets. Everytime I go to Oak town, I have to dodge my way to get to your place in one piece. 

That's a hilarious ad though. 

craigslist is full of funny ads but this one takes them all

Hey it might be my only chance to own California real estate.

well, it's handy that they already did a partial demo for you. 

But clearly it's a gag ad. No one builds with unreinforced masonry in the Bay Area. It looks like a pic from some war torn 3rd world county btw. 

Hey that looks just like the current state of my renovation!  Maybe I should just sell instead of trying to fix it up...

#methlabproblems. Lol.

I was thinking maybe it was just a bit too close when the Cypress Freeway came down in the earthquake.  I was living there when that happened.... what year was that?  

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