Shout out to Josh and BP team on free ROI software!!

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I have been a member here on BP for a while now. I love the site, although I am not on here as much as I would like. Anyhow, I sell turn key properties in Cleveland Ohio and have been looking for a way to showcase the high ROI they have. Until now, I have been selling to my international buyers using a cheap excel spread sheet.

I just stumbled upon the free software right here on Bigger Pockets.....OMG!! the report looks AMAZING!!! I just did a quick test and I could not believe how great it looked. If you have properties you are selling based on CAP rates, I could not suggest a better program than the free one right here on BP!

Thanks guys!!!!!

BP Should do a better job at making those resources more visible.  Maybe send out emails or create blog posts about using each of the tools.  That would greatly increase the visibility of them.

Great job of giving credit @Rob Gillespie

Where can i find this tool?

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