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Ive recently come a across a duplex thats listed as an townhome. One side is for sale for 11k. We havent been able to locate the owner of the other side. I am skeptical of buying it and getting it rent ready and nothings happening with the other side, both sides need reno. My questions are have any you guys done any deals pf this sort, would you move foward with the one side, and do you know of any ways to locate the owner. The taxes are up to date on the side in question but the realtor cant find out who the owner is. Any advice?     

I would try the county assessor office of where the property is located- they have to be sending a tax bill somewhere. 

Kevin, if it's in Madison County Indiana, try this page.


The Property is located in Marion county. Any advice on moving foward with just one side?

Those types of homes are a little rare here and the few that I've seen are usually in rough to very rough neighborhoods.

IMHO - I'd much rather have a nice SFH anytime over a lower priced double or half double...

Its in the area of 33rdcand college ave. I just thought it was a good deal because of the houses that are being fixed up and resold.

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