Pre-Printed Postcards I Can Run Through My Printer?

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I am looking for a postcard that I can keep on hand to drop in the mail as different leads come in (from MLS research, driving neighborhoods, FSBOs, etc.), so that I don't have to wait until I accumulate enough to generate a minimum shipment. I am looking for a format or template where all of the generic text is on the card and then I could run it through my printer to add property address and owner's name/address via mailmerge. I would then add the stamp and drop it in the mail.

These leads would then be added to my CRM and incorporated into subsequent larger followup mailings. I have too many small bunches of leads every weak to do handwritten letters, but not enough to justify a minimum order with one of the bigger printing companies.

I tried to reach out to Michael Quarles on this earlier this week, but didn't get a response. Does this make sense or is there a better way to try to accomplish this task?


Yes, I do this. But my postcards are more simple. I use 65lb yellow paper which I cut into 6 postcards per piece. I just use a template from Microsoft Publisher and edit my info, print it, stamp it, and send it.

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