funding for your deals or business expenses

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I have learned that I need to preface my post by stating that I receive no commission, kickbacks or compensation for sharing any information. 

I just got a email from Wells Fargo confirming what a banker that I could get funding for my deals through my business from a traditional lender. Wells is offering low rates, rates at prime and or below.  wells Fargo loans

If you've got a regular business then I think those business loans are doable. But if your business is real estate investing, then you're not going to have much luck going thru those traditional banks for business loans.

Believe me, I've heard the loan officers tell me they can do the loan, they can do the loan, and then come to find out - every single time - that the one business they can't lend to is real estate investing.

US Bank, Wells Fargo, etc, etc. Same story different bank. They're all ultimately the same though.

Send a follow up post on here if you end up getting one through. But every time I've tried, they've told me that my business type (real estate investing) is not doable. 

I understand real estate investing is not doable, but real estate management company is doable.

Sounds like cash for whatever one wants to do.


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