Any advice on finding investors for Real Estate Projects?

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I see the market heating up in Northern California and more projects that were put on hold are surfacing. I have several potential real estate development projects available. I work with builders and developers who have the ability and a proven track record but not enough cash. I’m looking for real estate investors and/or 1031 exchange investors looking for their next project, and I come across new projects everyday.

Current examples… 17 lot subdivision (ocean views) with final map, a retirement community (raw land) 40 units potential, off-market apartment buildings, developable raw land, 3 high-end estate lots, and a potential high-density assemblage for 50+ units. I can also help research specific types of investment properties and opportunities.

I have 10 years real estate experience as an investor and developer. Reach out to me or forward my information as an introduction to a friend! 

It always cracks me up when I see statements like "I work with builders and developers who have the ability and a proven track record but not enough cash." I understand that this is a capital intensive business, but in the boom time market like we are in, these people can't get financing? And their proven track record didn't yield enough cash for the next deal?

My advice... talk to a bank. can get any deal funded if over two years in business and with verifiable track records of manager having at least 30% own funds in the game. See website ..answer a few questions and get funded!

Thank you for your comments.  I'm finding the same issue in several development projects, the builders are fine with putting in their own money and taking on a construction loan.  However when purchasing raw land the bank usually requires 50% down, then having to put up typically another 30% toward a construction loan is more than most builders can handle.  Perhaps it would have been more clear to state that I have projects looking for investment partners to work with builders and developers who are willing to put skin in the game.  Thanks again.

@Paul Burrowes

Write up the details and post them in the Market place here.

"Need $4M for stick built 17 unit sub division.  Target 16% return." Or something like that.

Get into the details about 1031, timelines and such in the post itself.

@Paul Burrowes

Just some thoughts . . . . Your post reads just like an advertisement, something I might see on late night TV from some puffed up guru. If you're looking for private money, you need to find a solid deal that is profitable and then go hunting for an investor for it. When you have numbers and a deal to present, an investor can evaluate it and determine if it is worth the financial investment and if he is interested in partnering with you.

I believe this forum is reserved for deal analysis and advice, not advertisement.


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