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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a rental property in Dallas TX. If any one knows about the market there, please let me know because I live in northern California,


Ramsey Kheshen

Advice - if you want an answer, ask a question. 

How far North in CA? If you're outside of the Bay Area bubble land, you may be able to find deals closer to home. How long is your drive into OR?

@Ramsey Kheshen

@Dmitri L. is correct.  You need to ask a question that can actually be answered, if you want real feedback.  

There are a lot of folks on BP who have knowledge of the Dallas market. I'm merely one of them. But, as I've told a ton of people here, this market is much too large and diverse to speak in generalities like "Dallas". If you're looking to understand this market, you need to specify what it is you're interested in. (i.e. SFR, MFR, exit strategy, purchase price, etc.)

I can tell you about 3 great areas for cash flow, but if you're only interested in B class & above, it won't matter, because they are all C areas.  I could tell you about areas where the average DOM is < 2-weeks, but if you're maximum purchase price is <$150k, it won't matter.  Those are sub-markets.

I can tell you about areas where there's a $50k swing between houses 1/2 block apart...with nearly identical floor plans, finishes, and condition...simply because they feed different elementary schools.  Those are micro-markets.

If you want a real response, you're going to need to put some parameters around the question I believe you're actually asking.

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