Looking for a partner in Columbus, Ohio

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I am looking for either a newer investor or an agent who is getting started to partner with us on our leads.  Our core business is flipping houses in Columbus, Ohio.  We are rehabbing 4-6 at a time, but we get so many leads it is becoming hard for me to go and see every property we get in.  I am looking for someone who can do analysis on the properties, go and visit the seller at the property, take pics and possibly get it in contract.  I would pay per visit to the properties as well as bonus for properties that we end up purchasing.

Please PM me if you are interested and we are looking to get started soon!

I'm glad to hear things are going so well! This sounds like a great opportunity for somebody.

Do you get any outside of Columbus in Pickaway/Fayette/Fairfield?Ross counties? Those are the areas I operate in and I have a crew that works for me. We have openings through the year and would like to expand the crew a little bit but don't have enough work for them to justify it. 

hey @John Horner , I'm newly licensed in Columbus and this sounds like a really interesting and educational opportunity.  I'd love to learn more and possibly help out.  I'll PM you. 

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