Should I upgrade to pro if I'm not going to buy house soon?

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Hello BP,

I'm really grateful this community exists and thankful to the founders.  But, I'm unsure If I should purchase the Pro package yet since I'm not financially ready to purchase a house and I'm out of  construction work .  My question is would the Pro package help me become a better investor by practicing how to analyze deals this year? Are there other features with the Pro package aside from calculators that you find helpful? or should I wait until I'm ready to purchase a home to upgrade?  Any positive feedback would be appreciated. Thank You.

My opinion is that you are out of work. Just remember that the Pro Package Membershiis $29 per month. Just be sure to pay all your other expenses first before doing this.

All I can say is if you can afford this extra expenses. I don't think any of us are in a position to tell you how. It's your decision tho....

I didn't know it was monthly payments... I thought I heard it was 350-400 up front...  $29 a month sounds pretty good.  Thanks James

Hey Josh, either your profile pic is upside down or you are from Australia 😀.

lol... thanks Bennet, 

     Ive contacted the technical department several times and they said it had to do with some devices BP is used on, primarily an Ipad.  They said they're trying to fix it.  My photo is right side up on a PC, but looks like Im living in Australia when using my 

@Josh Koett , I agree with James. If it's not going to be a burden then yes absolutely sign on for pro. The analysis programs are great, even if your not buying start running properties through them, start to develop that train of thought and when you are ready to buy you will be well practiced!  Also, and probably more important, start networking and find some people near you to help you with that first purchase. Good luck Josh!

Thank you Jordan! I appreciate the feedback. 

Hey @Josh Koett upgrading to pro has a lot of benefits but with that said, it really depends on what kind of investor you are. A serious investor usually analyze deals almost every day. This gets him to fully understand what deals work for him in his market. I highly suggest that you check out my next webinar too, you might like it. :)

See you around!

If you can afford this extra expenses, then why not? 

Thanks Brandon and Liga. I appreciate the feedback.


I was skeptical too....but the pro opens up a lot of avenues to learn as well...especially the deals. I have not yet purchased a rental after BP intro...but am sure charged up and waiting for the finances to line up before I make my buy. I have put in for a cash out refi on my only rental after learning the nuances of cash flow vs. owning outright...from bp...

Brandon is a super charged up guy...which you can hear in his webinars...try one out and you may decide quick on your pro purchase...:-) Again, if its a burden and you wont sleep well with the purchase, dont do it...But I am sure the calculators will give you much knowledge than before a pro...

Thank you Abhi, I think I'm going to upgrade real soon!

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