Schertz/San Antonio, TX Referrals Needed

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Hello all!

I'm a fledgling RE investor located in Schertz, TX and i am trying diligently to get my team together ASAP.  i have been in the research/analysis phase for a time now and i am wanting to finally start moving towarfd taking some real action!

i want to try my first flip in the coming months and i would really love to have some advice and/or referrals for some or all of the following:

Real Estate (RE) attorney-

RE Accountant/CPA -

Contractor's (investor friendly): General, elec., roof etc. for renovations-

Local lenders (who maintain their own RE portfolio)- (i have heard the Schertz Bank and Trust is a portfolio lender...are there any others?)

Buying and Listing Agent (investor friendly...even better if there is oen agent who is adept at both)): 

RE investment clubs-

Also want renovation projects at or below wholesale.

THANKS and cant wait to get started!!

did i post in the wrong forum or did i come off wrong?

if i did i apologize


This is as good as place as any to post this list.  I'd go a step further and look for BP members in your area.  Reach out to them and set up a meeting.  I've met four local BPers and all have been great to talk with.  One I've entered a partnership with on a project and another has given me sound advice on another project.  

You (and this is advice I'm going to follow for myself) need to get out an meet folks at any real estate meeting.  Go looking to socialize, learn more and help someone who has a question YOU can answer.  The right people for you will start to fall in place once you get to know others and get to be known. two cents

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