Generating leads for subject-to

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Hi I'm Nicole I'm new to BP. I wanted to network with wholesalers in New York, New Jersey that can help me with leads for  subject-to and lease option deals or show me how to generate these types off leads.

Thank you 

Hi @Nicole Smellie ! Welcome to BP. 

Are there any houses for sale in your area that are fixers with the sellers asking for all cash buyers? If there are, what are the prices like? Call them up. Do they have enough spread in them for repairs, holding, selling, and buying costs? Look up MAO here on BP and brush up on the math if you're not sure what a good deal is yet. If they look like decent buys for a fix and flip and they are listed by the same seller or have the same contact info then you probably found yourself an active wholesaler.

You can also visit your local REIA and you might want to ask around for recommendations of good wholesalers. That's how Aaron Mazzrillo started. Listen to podcast #37 here and hear him explain how he found his wholesaler which got him his first fix and flip.

How to find them? Market like a wholesaler. Direct mail (good podcast by Michael Quarles here, magnetic signs on your car, pass out business cards. Mail to expired listings. Ask Realtors for help with getting that list. If one doesn't, ask another. Call for rent ads and see if they'd like to sell on a lease option. (I'm preaching to myself with all this advice!)

Good luck!